Whānau & Community-Led Health Responses

Whānau and community-led (health) responses is a way of improving health and wellbeing that starts with what people say is important to them. It supports communities experiencing disadvantage and poor health to identify what they find important, and to take the lead in developing and implementing their solutions.

Te Rau Ora has utilised community-led responses since 2006 to support community action to prevent suicide, violence, discrimination, social exclusion and racism. The responses adopt a Public Health approach and utilise evidence-informed design to create a community-led action plan to increase awareness, knowledge, and access to services.

In 2022, Te Rau Ora will release a series of NZQA accredited training programmes to enable more whānau and community to play a greater role in co-creating and self-determining services at a local level.

For more information visit www.terauora.com