Māori knowledge and understanding so that whānau can stand tall

Over three or more decades, responses to Māori health have increasingly steered away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach to greater recognition of mātauranga Māori and tikanga Māori.

We have seen the evolution of kaupapa Māori services in health, social services, and education, as well as extraordinary increases in the Māori health workforce. Not only has the Māori professional workforce multiplied several times over, but the emergence of Māori community health workers has added a new dimension that brings health closer to whānau and communities.

In parallel, Māori models of health, and Māori health priorities have been given greater recognition. However, although much has been achieved, there remains much more to be done so that inequities can become a thing of the past.

Te Rau Matatau Private Training Establishment provides tertiary education programmes that focus on the determinants of health and the shift towards a wellness model of care. Te Rau Matatau is an NZQA registered and approved Private Training Establishment (PTE) within Te Rau Ora.

To find out more about Te Rau Matatau https://teraumatatau.com/