Indigenous Wellbeing

The Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing is a peer-reviewed, open-access, scholarly online journal that shares multi-disciplinary indigenous knowledge and research experience amongst indigenous health professionals, leaders, researchers, and community members.

In 2003, under the leadership of Dr Nancy Gibson and her team at the Edmonton ACADRE Centre the inaugural issue of Pimatisiwin: A Journal of Aboriginal & Indigenous Community Health was published. It was a bold step in academic publishing, inviting community people to be a part of the peer-review process and focussing on community-based, collaborative, participatory research with Aboriginal people and communities.

In 2006 Native Counselling Services of Alberta (NCSA) took over the publication of the journal. Working with organisations like the Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health in Australia, Papa Ola Lokahi in Hawaii and Te Rau Ora in New Zealand.

In 2015 the publication of the journal was moved to Te Rau Ora in New Zealand. The journal continues with contributions from across the founding member and has a readership that spans 87 indigenous communities throughout 22 countries.

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