Celebrating 20 Years of Service

On the 8th of March 2002, Associate Minister of Health Tariana Turia launched Te Rau Matatini. The first CEO was Kirsty Maxwell Crawford (2002-2011); Clinical Coordinator Paul Hirini, with leadership and guidance, received from Dr Mason Durie. Te Rau Matatini originally based in Palmerston North established into a Trust with significant representation of Māori leaders from the mental health and addiction sector.

During this integral period, Te Rau Matatini broadened its reach across all of the health and disability sectors, still holding onto its passion for the mental health and addiction sector. Three Chief Executive Officers commenced during this period: Trish Davis (2011-2013), Marama Parore (2014- 2017) and Maria Baker (2017- current).

In 2019, Te Rau Matatini rebranded to Te Rau Ora. The shift recognised the growth in the organisation and its broader focus across Health and Wellbeing. The mission for Te Rau Ora is to transform the Māori Health Workforce to achieve our vision of Flourishing Whānau.