Building Māori Health Leadership

As a national workforce centre, Te Rau Ora has had the privilege of enabling and supporting emerging leaders, workforces, networks, community groups and professional organisations.

Our 100 Māori Leaders programme is one of the ways we build the profile of the Māori Leaders of today. The programme identifies Māori at the top of health career pathways, to inspire the Māori health workforce and generate interest from others to look at careers in health. Māori and other leaders were approached to write kōrero awhi (kind words) about the leadership qualities of a living Māori leader.

Through our programmes like the Toitū Hauora Leadership Summit – we create a way to build the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to grow Māori leadership in health. The annual Toitū Hauora Māori Health leadership summits bring together Māori leaders, whānau, hapū, iwi, Māori kaimahi, providers, and funders.

Embedded into all our programmes is a strong focus on building sector leadership at all levels of the health system. For more information on our leadership programmes visit